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We are looking to introduce our own Grand Prix - if your company would like to sponsor this please contact us.
 If you have already played in a qualifier don't worry we will count your score.
Next Event 

SJC Chess for Kicks Qualifier 
Sunday 7th January 2018 12pm Kick-off 
Stamperland Community Club 

Next Junior event being run by 
Hamilton Junior Chess
Saturday 27th January Hamilton Junior, Airdrie
for more info go to

Chess for Kicks Finals 2017

1st Alice Benson 6/6
2nd Aryan Munshi 5/6
3rd Kartike Sharan 4.5/6

1st Anish Subramaniam 4/5
2nd Pavel Yanev 4/5
3rd Richard Zhang 4/5

1st Alasdair Sandham 4.5/5
2nd Sahib Kohli 4/5
3rd Murdo McLaurin 3/5

SJC CFK Finals 2017 
CFK Finals 2017 
2018 CFK Qualifiers U300

2018  CFK Qualifiers U600

2018 CFK Qualifiers U1000

Get In Touch
If you need to get in touch either use the form on the contact page or via Michael Hanley 

UK Land Challenge

Ask your school if they can enter & a kit will be sent to school for you to run a tournament either weekly or to suit. Dont worry if your school are unable to run the first round as you can enter
Last Chance Saloon Saturday 24th March 2018 for you to qualify for your nearest Megafinal for U12. Need to be 11 or under on 31 Aug 2017.
Over 12 can enter direct through their website.

CFK Finals 2018

 Entry by qualification only see calendar
for all the CFK heats
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